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Stainless steel spring black-tinted

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Diameter: 50mm, can be stretched up to 3 metres high (as shown in the video below), weight 2.3 kg. The unstretched spring has a length of 0.8m.
Material: 100% Marine grade stainless steel black-tinted.

It is an exclusive design owned by Chaînes de Pluie and manufactured in France.

Chains guaranteed for 10 years and a two-month trial period. Article delivered within 3 to 7 days.

More information in the full description below.


The stainless steel spring, a hypnotic and fascinating effect for your downspouts

The flow of rainwater on the stainless steel spring black-tinted is simply incredible and hypnotic. At the beginning of the rain, each drop runs around the entire contour of the stainless steel spring. When the flow becomes more important, the drops fall from one coil to the other of the spring generating random waves inside the spring (see attached video). The effect of these waves can be seen even from a distance (15 metres) from your windows or bay windows.

The stainless steel spring is a 50 mm diameter Rain Chain model. It is made in France (exclusive property of the Rain Chain company) with marine stainless steel black-tinted, the highest quality. It can with stand very harsh conditions such as the salty air of the coast (unlike standard stainless steel or zinc coated steel which eventually rust).

Installation in your existing gutter is very simple and takes only a few minutes. Simply slide the spring into your existing opening and place the reducer at the bottom of the gutter. To complete the installation, simply seal the bottom of your gutter with silicone around the reducer. The reducer supplied is either for a half round gutter or a flat bottom gutter. Please let us know your choice by contacting us. This solution is suitable for a roof surface of maximum 15 m2.

If there is no hole in your gutter, simply add an opening with a diameter suitable for the reducer. Use, for example, a hole saw to make this opening (diameter 55 to 60 mm). In this case, choose the best place to combine water drainage and observation of the chain.

The original design gutter

Thanks to its original design, the stainless steel spring allows you to add the final touch to your building and will arouse the interest of those around you. You can also enjoy the show on rainy days with a really surprising and unusual circulation of rainwater.

In winter, the ice can get caught in the rain chain and form a frosty river. On sunny days, if you want to continue to enjoy the show, you can add a pump to the recovery tank (for sale on our site in the accessories section: solar pump) and have a closed loop water circulation on the stainless steel spring.

You can also consult our various achievements to give you ideas of installations of rain chains.

Moreover, our chains are guaranteed for 10 years and we offer a two-month trial on your buildings. They are delivered already assembled and you receive them within 3 to 7 working days.

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