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Solar pump

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Max flow rate: 1300l/h. Solar panel 20W: 52cm by 35cm with stake.

Max delivery height (lift): 3 mètres. Supplied with a 4.5m transparent tube and a flow control valve.

Various nozzles available for several additional jets.

This solar pump, placed at the foot of the rain chain and the collection tank, allows the installation of a fountain. It also allows, thanks to the water circulation, to purify the stored water.

Item delivered within 3 to 7 days.

More information in the full description below.


Solar pump for fountain installation

We offer you this very efficient solar pump, without battery, which will be activated as soon as the sun appears. It works only with solar energy. The system will be completely autonomous without the need for an extension cord to a mains socket. It is the ideal addition to enjoy the attractiveness of your rain chain also on sunny days.

The pump is simply installed inside your rain barrel or pond. Then simply run the supplied transparent flexible tube up your rain chain.

With this accessory, as you do not need an electrical installation, there are no safety issues as it is a low voltage system (12V).


Technical details:

  • Solar panel 20W, dimensions: 52cm by 35cm with a positioning stake
  • Max. flow rate: 1300 l/h, max. delivery height: 3m (maximum lift height)
  • Dimensions de la pompe seule (hors panneau solaire) : 12,9cm par 8,5cm par 9,1cm
  • Adjustable flow rate with supplied tap
  • 4.5m transparent tube for the lift
  • Safety device against dry running of the pump
  • 5m of cable to the solar panel allowing for flexibility in positioning the panel
  • Different end caps also allow for a jet to be added to the pump

A Zen fountain

With a rain chain you waited for rain to enjoy the show. From now on, with this fountain, you can also enjoy it on sunny days. For example, while dining on your terrace, you can hear the melodious tinkling of the water running through the metal. The tap allows you to adjust the flow rate to your liking.

You can also take a look at our various projects to give you ideas for installing rain chains on your buildings.

You will receive the pump within 3 to 7 working days.

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