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Aluminium hammered basin with anchoring ring

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Diameter : 410mm, height : 85mm, weight : approx. 0,4kg.
Material : 100% aluminium.

Placed at the bottom of a rain chain, this water harvesting basin provides a more attractive evacuation of rainwater.

We extended a 10 year warranty and a 2 month trial period on our water basins. Orders are delivered within 3 to 7 days, fully assembled and with a stainless steel chain to secure the rain chain.

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Rainwater collection basin

This Aluminium hammered basin with anchoring ring has a diameter of 410 mm. It is used to collect the rainwater that runs through rain chains. Aesthetically appealing, it can constitute the first element of the rainwater drainage system in your garden.

This useful accessory includes a hook and a 20 cm chain for securing rain chains. This will also provide slight tension to the chain.  To further improve the appearance of your installation, you can place pebbles at the bottom of the basin.

You can also use this collector to observe the flow of water in your garden. Once full, the container will either overflow into your garden or into a manhole situated underneath it. It is possible to then add additional decorative elements along the water’s path: bamboo, valley channels or small canals. In this case, be sure to select the best location to combine both adequate drainage and observation.

Japanese aesthetics

This basin will accentuate the overall appeal of your installation and highlight the visual impact of your rain chain. Basins are commonly used on Japanese temples and blend harmoniously with surrounding gardens. Vous aurez surement le plaisir de voir les oiseaux venir s’abreuver dans cette réserve d’eau.

Feel free to browse our photo gallery for ideas and inspiration.

In addition, our water basins come with a 10 year warranty and we extend all our customer a two month trial period. They are shipped with a chain to secure your rain chain and delivered within 3 to 7 working days.

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