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What is a rain chain ?

What is a rain chain

What is a rain chain ? A little history

What is a rain Chain? Rain chains are native to Japan where they are commonly referred to as kusari doi 鎖樋.

They have adorned Japanese temples for several hundreds of years. But they are also widely used on private homes and garden sheds.

They are a combination of both Japanese tradition and Japanese garden art.

An alternative to gutter downspouts

Rain chains come in a variety of designs, consisting either of overlapping cups or intertwined metal links. They are designed to guide the flow of rainwater away from rooftops. As such they provide an attractive and functional alternative to unsightly zinc gutters and downspouts.

Cup-shaped rain chains channel rainwater more efficiently than link and loop chain systems (also known as a roof chain).

Usually made from copper – although alternatives exist in aluminum or stainless steel – they acquire over time a very stylish patina. Another interesting feature of rain chains is the melody produced by water running through the metal, which adds a Zen-like quality to your garden.

Rainwater harvesting

Rain chains are especially adapted to rainwater collection systems. They can be combined with stylish water catchment systems, basins, barrels, bowls or even ponds and channels. Thus maximising the use of rainwater for garden irrigation, or even to support green roofs.

Quick and easy installation to finish to answer to what is a rain chain

Rain Chains Europe offers an extensive choice of designs and accessories, should you wish to purchase a rain chain.  Our models are very easy to install on existing rainwater systems.

A fixing mechanism is supplied with each rain chain and is simply fitted at the bottom of the gutter. The procedure only takes a few minutes and does not require any additional hole.

For more information on the fitting process, please refer to our 4 step installation guide.

For more information on rain chains, please contact our sales team or call us on +33 (0)244 840 280.

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