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Stainless steel tensioner

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Stainless steel tensioner for tensioning your rain chain.

This tensioner is the smaller of the two models we offer. It is made of marine grade stainless steel (highest quality), which means that it is resistant to seaside conditions (salty environment). This model will allow you to fix the rain chain to the ground and apply a slight tension to it.

The dimensions of this stainless steel tensioner are: adjustable length (by screwing the hooks) min=115mm max=165mm inner diameter of the hook=9mm

The stainless steel tensioner hook can also be combined with the stainless steel chain and/or a quick link to complete the length. It can for example be fixed to the bottom of a water collector or to the grate of a manhole.


Stainless steel tensioner

The stainless steel tensioner will allow you to fix the bottom of your rain chain to different elements. For example, water collectors, wooden terraces, rainwater drainage manholes, fixed points on the ground. We recommend tensioning your rain chain in order to optimise its efficiency in draining rainwater. Thus, if you tension your chain you ensure a good resistance to different wind conditions. The tensioner is made from marine grade stainless steel (highest quality). It is resistant to very difficult conditions such as the salty air of the coastline.

Our turnbuckle is very easy to position. To apply a slight tension to the chain, simply screw in one or two of the hooks by hand without the need for any special tools. This action, which reduces the length of the tensioner, will result in a higher tension of the rain chain. The stainless steel tensioner does not require any tools to be adjusted. In fact, it is enough to position it and turn the body of the tensioner. Depending on the direction of rotation, the length will be increased or decreased.

Simple assembly

The tensioner can be directly fixed to the last ring or the last cup of the rain chain but can also be associated with a chain or a stainless steel quick link which you will find in the accessories section.

Please note that this accessory is usable and compatible with all the rain chain models we sell. However, if it is not suitable for your application, you have a 2-month trial period.

The stainless steel will keep its original colour and will not be altered by corrosion, unlike galvanised steel turnbuckles or other stainless steel turnbuckles of lower grades than marine stainless steel.

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