How to install a rain chain ?

How to install a rain chain ? Instructions for use

To find out how to install a rain chain ?, we have prepared this article for you and have also included an explanatory video. The installation of a rain chain is very easy to do, even if you are not a handyman, and 5 minutes will be enough to position it:

How to install a rain chain ? : 4 step installation guide (see the video below) :

Step 1: Remove the gutter downspout

Gutter downspouts are usually only fitted into the horizontal gutter outlets. Thus they can be removed by pulling the tube downwards.

Step 2: Place the hook or reducer in the gutter outlet

All our rain chains come with a hook which is designed to fit in gutter outlets.

If you opted for a rain chain with a smaller diameter than your gutter outlet, we recommend using a reducer instead of the hook.  Most often, gutter outlets are 80mm in diameter but 100mm is also fairly common.

Etape 3: Fix the rain chain on the hook

Then attach the first cup or link of the rain chain to the hook.

Etape 4: Fasten the base of the rain chain

Finally, we recommend securing the base of the rain chain, so as to optimise the flow of water. This will also reduce its exposure to strong winds.

Congratulations, you have now installed a rain chain!

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