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Click on the "Length" drop-down menu to choose the length of your chain.

Diameter : 57mm, weight : approx. 0,67 kg per meter.
Material : 100% copper.

The gutter outlet must have a 50mm diameter. If the diameter of your gutter outlet exceeds 50mm, we strongly advise you to use of a reducer.

We extended a 10 year warranty and a 2 month trial period on our rain chains. Orders are delivered within 3 to 7 days, fully assembled and with an easy-to-install attachment system.

More information in the full description below.


Ôsaka, an alternative to gutter downspouts

Ôsaka is a rain chain with a 57mm diameter. It is an elegant product made of intertwining copper loops.

The Ôsaka rain chain is an attractive alternative to conventional downpipes. It will guide rainwater from your roof to the ground, producing a stylish water feature visible from the comfort of your home.

Where a reducer is not required, we supply an easy-to-install chain attachment that can be fitted at the bottom of your gutter outlet (without any modification). Simply pull out your existing downspout and substitute it with the chain.

If you gutter is missing an outlet, simply create an opening with a suitable diameter for the rain chain. This can be achieved by using a hole saw, for example. Be sure, to choose the optimal spot to ensure adequate water drainage as well as to enjoy watching the chain.

The esthetic Japanese downspout

Thanks to its distinctive design, Ôsaka will highlight your building’s features and generate excitement among the people around you. The Ôsaka rain chain is a good remplacement for single loop chains.

During some winter months, ice can get caught in the chain creating a stunning river of ice. During warmer months, a pump can be added to the water collection basin allowing for a closed-loop water circulation cycle along the chain.

Feel free to browse our photo gallery for ideas and inspiration.

In addition, our rain chains come with a 10 year warranty and we extend all our customer a two month trial period. The chains are shipped fully assembled and delivered within 3 to 7 working days.

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