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Copper reducer

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Copper reducer for flat bottom gutter.


The reducers proposed for our rain chains are designed to channel the water flow.
The dimensions of this model: diameter= 48mm tube length=77mm base= 83*122 mm
This model is suitable for gutters with flat bottoms (e.g. square, moulded gutters, …..). If the surface is not satisfactory inside the gutter (flat surface) we recommend adding a seal around the base of the reducer.

If your gutter is made of zinc, we recommend the use of our aluminium gutters.

If the 83*122mm base is not large enough to cover your opening diameter, we provide an adapter to use the reducer on all types of gutters: 80, 100, and 120mm. If you need this adapter, please let us know when ordering by calling us on 0750608648.

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