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This model of rain chain is made in France

dimension 85mm, cup height 52mm, weight approx 1.08 kg per metre.
Material: 100% Marine grade stainless steel, powder coated in purple→blue→green Chameleon effect

The colour change effect is impressive and occurs when you look at the chain from a different angle or when the light changes

The diameter of the drain hole should be smaller than the diameter of the cups (allow 80mm) and we recommend the use of a reducer (diameter = 80mm) only if the diameter of the drain hole is larger than the cups.

Chains are guaranteed for 10 years and a two-month trial period. Delivered within 3 to 5 days, already assembled with fixing system included.

More information in the full description below.


Chameleon a colour changing rain chain

The Chameleon model is a modern rain chain version with 85 mm sides. It is an elegant model with coloured stainless steel cups. It is an aesthetically pleasing alternative to conventional downspouts. The use of the Chameleon rain chain also allows you to watch the water flowing from your window or bay window.

When a reducer is not required, we provide an easy-to-install chain attachment at the bottom of your gutter (without modifications). You simply unhook the downpipe and replace it with the chain.

If the hole does not exist in the gutter, simply add an opening with a diameter suitable for the rain chain. Use, for example, a hole saw to make this opening. In this case, choose the best place to combine the drainage of water and the observation of the chain.

The original aesthetic gutter

Thanks to its original design and variable colour, Chameleon allows you to add the finishing touch to your building and will arouse the interest of those around you. The colour change occurs when you look at the channel from another angle but also when the light changes (e.g. passing clouds).

In winter, for example, the ice gets caught in the chain and forms a beautiful river of ice. On sunny days, the addition of a pump to the water collection tank allows the water to circulate in a closed loop on the chain.

You can also consult our various achievements to give you ideas of rain chain installations.

Moreover, our chains are guaranteed for 10 years and we offer you a two-month trial on your buildings. They are delivered already assembled and you receive them within 3 to 5 working days.

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