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Stainless steel little chain

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Outside diameter 12mm.
Material: 100% marine grade stainless steel.

Used to fix the bottom part of our Rain Chains

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Stainless steel little chain, a marine quality fastener

The stainless steel little chain is used to fix and tighten slightly the lower part of the rain chain. It can also be used for the high part of the chain to make the connection between the hook of fixing provided and the first cup when the birth of gutter is longer than 10cm. On the other hand, the stainless steel chain is used in the case of the presence of a long elbow kept at the gutter outlet.

The external diameter of this chain is 12mm allowing it to pass easily through different types of openings. The links are welded which makes the stainless steel chain very resistant and durable.

Moreover, we advise to apply on the stainless steel chain a light tension which will allow the rain chain to work in an optimal way. When the fixing point it can be realized on a manhole, with the help of a stake, on a basin of water recovery. Another solution consists in blocking the chain in the middle of big pebbles. This solution based on pebbles has the advantage of cushioning the arrival of rainwater on the ground.

On the other hand, in the case of the use of a rainwater collection tank the chain can be used between the last cup of the rain chain flush with the surface of water and the bottom of this tank.

In a general way it can be associated with all our rain chains and our accessories.

You can also consult our different realizations to give you ideas of rain chains installations.

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