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Nara anthracite

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Click on the "Length" drop-down menu to choose the length of your chain.

Diameter 50mm, weight approx. 0.42 kg/metre.
Material: 100% aluminium.

The diameter of the drain hole should be around 50mm and we recommend the use of a reducer (diameter = 50mm).

Chains guaranteed for 10 years and a two-month trial period. Delivered within 3 to 7 days, already assembled with fixing system included, very easy to install.

More information in the full description below.


Nara anthracite, a roof chain

Nara anthracite is a rain chain with a diameter of 50 mm. This roof chain is an elegant model with double aluminium links. It is an aesthetically pleasing alternative to conventional gutter downpipes. You will enjoy using the Nara anthracite rain chain to watch the water run off from your windows or bay windows.

Where a reducer is not required, we provide an easy to fit chain attachment to the bottom of your gutter (without modification). You simply unhook the downpipe and replace it with the chain.

If the hole does not exist in the gutter, simply add an opening with a diameter suitable for the rain chain. Use, for example, a hole saw to make this opening. In this case, choose the best place to combine water drainage and observation of the roof chain.

The aesthetic Japanese gutter

Thanks to its original design, Nara anthracite allows you to add the finishing touch to your building and will arouse the interest of those around you. You can also enjoy your Japanese gutter as the water flows through the chain from link to link, a natural sight.

In winter, for example, the ice gets caught in the roof chain and forms a beautiful river of ice. On sunny days, the addition of a pump to the water collection tray allows the water to circulate in a closed loop on the chain.

You can also take a look at our various projects to give you ideas for rain chain installations.

In addition, our chains are guaranteed for 10 years and we offer a two-month trial period on your buildings. They are delivered already assembled and you receive them within 3 to 7 working days.

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