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Aluminium reducer

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Diameter 48 mm, reducer height 70 mm, reducer base 83*122 mm.
Material: 100% aluminium

10 year guarantee and two month trial period. Delivered within 3 to 7 days, already assembled, very easy to install.

More information in the full description below.


The reducer, the solution to optimise the water circulation on your rain chain

Aluminium reducer for gutters with flat bottoms, regardless of the material of the gutter.

The reducers offered for our rain chains are designed to channel the water flow. They are adapted to our rain chain models and are necessary if the outlet diameter of your gutter is much larger than the chain diameter. In general, the outlet diameter of a gutter is 80 mm and if you have chosen a rain chain with a diameter smaller than 80 mm, we recommend the use of our reducers. They are particularly suitable for Nara and Stainless steel chain.

Dimensions: diameter = 48 mm, tube length = 70 mm, base = 83*122 mm

This model is suitable for gutters with flat bottoms (e.g. square gutters, moulded gutters,…). If the surface condition is not satisfactory inside the gutter, we recommend adding a seal inside the gutter around the base of the reducer. Our reducers are very easy to install, just place them at the bottom of your gutter. A screw at the end of the reducer allows you to quickly fix your rain chain.

If the gutter opening is already in place, you can simply slide the reducer into it and you will not need any tools or special DIY skills.

You will find other models in the accessories section. For example, the model for half round gutters.

In case the 83*122mm base size is not sufficient to cover your opening diameter, we provide an adapter to use the reducer on all types of gutters: 80, 100, and 120 mm. If you need this adapter, please let us know when ordering.

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